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The Gifted Education Centre
To Go Beyond the Known
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Our task is to ensure that each gifted individual is met with recognition and understanding, and to provide support in developing his or her unique abilities and qualities to the full.

Our hope is that each gifted child will grow in wisdom, insight and compassion in the use of his or her talents in the wider world.


The Gifted Education Centre is here to support you and your gifted child or pupil.

Please look through our site to see how we can help you. You are very welcome to contact us for more detailed information.   

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The New Zealand Centre
for Gifted Education is established

Last year, we announced that
The Gifted Education Centre and

Gifted Kids were discussing pooling resources
to make one organisation.

This was made official earlier this week
and The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education has been established.

The Gifted Education Centre and Gifted Kids
will be drawing from
their extensive experience
in the sector to bring you the Centre.

The Gifted Education Centre's programmes
(One Day School, Small Poppies, and GO)
will be delivered unchanged

for the remainder of 2014
as staff from both organisations

work together to work out
how we can improve and increase

what we offer our students.

Please contact
the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education's

Wellington office if you have any questions
about this.

04 589 5095.

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